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After checking to make sure you meet our minimum requirements, you can complete our screening process online. Everyone who meets certain select criteria also has an interview with us. We then make offers to the candidates we feel are most likely to succeed, based on their application information, screening results, and interview.

We are extremely selective in offering positions in the training. Just meeting the minimum requirements is not sufficient

The entry-level computer programmer training is aggressively paced up to 20 weeks. Associates learn:
  • Programming/Scripting Languages, such as Java, Spring 4, C#.NET, VB.NET, PHP, Ruby, Cordova/Phonegap, JavaScript, jQuery, JSON, CSS, HTML, XHTML, XML, AJAX, and JPQL
  • Operating Systems/Environments, such as Linux, Windows 7/XP, JBoss 6.0, Tomcat, Jetty, Android, ActiveMQ, Windows Microsoft ASP .NET, and Ruby on Rails
  • Database Management Systems, such as Oracle, MYSQL, Apache Derby and MSSQL Server
  • Tools, such as Selenium, J-Unit, Hibernate, JPA, PMD, SoapUI, Cobertura, JIRA, Notepad++, Eclipse, NetBeans and Visual Studio 2008, 2010

After 14 weeks, associates in our entry-level computer programmer program receive a stipend of $45 per day during the remainder of the training.

Associates in our entry-level analyst training program learn in an up to 8 week program:
  • Fundamentals of Agile software development frameworks, values, principles and roles, including how to be an effective Scrum Master, Product Owner and Business Analyst
  • Scrum software development methodology and leadership, including how to lead and facilitate daily standups, backlog refinement sessions, planning day, sprint reviews/demonstrations and sprint retrospectives
  • Production and maintenance of key Agile project management artifacts and deliverables, including product backlogs, sprint backlogs, burn-down charts and velocity charts
  • Requirements management practices, including scope management, conflict and issue management, and requirements review and approval
  • Requirements management techniques, including how to effectively execute requirements workshops, structured walkthroughs, base-lining, signoff and change control
  • Requirements analysis fundamentals, including prioritizing requirements, organizing requirements, specifying and modeling requirements, and requirements verification and validation.
  • Business systems analyst techniques, such as creating personas, writing user stories and acceptance criteria, MoSCoW analysis, story mapping, prototyping, and specifying and modeling data flow diagrams, scenarios and use cases, sequence diagrams and state diagrams
  • Key competencies, including analytical thinking and problem solving, systems thinking, organization, communication skills and leadership
  • Identification and capture of various requirements types, including business requirements, stakeholder requirements, functional requirements, non-functional requirements, and transition requirements

Everyone who successfully completes our training is offered a job with Catalyte. Pay starts at $36,000 per year, plus overtime, plus paid holidays and time-off, plus training allowance, plus health, vision and dental benefits. Once hired, individuals who complete one of our trainings commit to working for us for two years.

Minimum Requirements

All applicants must:
  • be interested in pursuing a career in programming and technology,
  • have basic proficiency using PC in a networked environment and the Internet,
  • be at least 18 years old,
  • be a U.S. citizen or eligible to work in the U.S. for thirty continuous months from the first day of training, (Catalyte does not offer visa assistance or sponsorship of any kind),
  • have a 10th grade or better reading and math ability,
  • have never committed a violent crime,
  • have been free of all illegal drug use for the past eighteen months.

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