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How We Work

Catalyte is an Innovative IT Consulting Company

Why are we innovative? Most companies in our line of work hire people who already have the skills their clients need. That's not how we do it.

Instead, we find exceptional people, with or without previous experience, and train them ourselves. Then we hire those who successfully complete the training. In return, those who are trained by Catalyte commit to working for Catalyte for at least two years. That's how we're able to provide free training, and why we are so selective.

That's the deal -- Catalyte provides you with training valued at $25,000 (for the entry-level computer programmer program) and $12,500 (for the entry-level analyst program) and (assuming successful training completion) you are eligible for a job. Pay is a minimum of $15 per hour, including health benefits. In return, you commit yourself to success, first in our training and then on the job. By working for Catalyte for at least two years, you receive valuable training for free.

We provide a wide range of technology services to our clients, who include large, publicly-traded companies, health care technology service providers, college and university systems, non-profits, and small businesses.

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